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Can I do my Behind-The-Wheel driving hours with a driving school?

Yes you can, follow the following steps. Keep in mind you still need to have a valid instructor. This is required by the State of Texas for the work in this course to be valid.

  1. Get Your Learner’s Permit from the DPS and complete the rest of the course.
  2. Click the following link to get your transfer certificate (link will only appear when you are logged in and have earned your Provisional Driver License Certificate):
  3. Write the name of the driving school you are transferring to on the certificate.
  4. Check the Transfer Checkbox on your Driver License Certificate.
  5. Do your 14 driving hours with your local driving school.
  6. Do your 30 Behind-The-Wheel Hours, hold the permit for 6 months, and complete the ITTD Program.
  7. Pass the driving test at the DPS and get your license.

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